Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NAPT Mohegan Sun Part 1: $500 Sat to Main Event

LJ won a seat to the NAPT Mohegan Sun about a month ago. I took off work and we decided to make a vacation out of it....

We left for CT Tuesday around 1:15 and got there around 4:15. We hit very little traffic, so it was a pretty easy drive. I dropped LJ off with the bags at the front desk and went to park. She checked into the room and by the time I parked the car and found my way back to the main desk and hotel elevators, it was probably 4:45. To say the parking garage isn't convenient would be a bit of an understatement, altho I did get a little lost at one point.

So after we get settled, we went down to get her seat card for the $5k the next day. I was thinking I would play a satellite if there was a decent one running. I didn't look into it before just because I didn't want to stress about getting their at a specific time. So we get to the window and find out there are two, a 5pm $500 and a 7pm $1k. I register for the $500 even tho its about 5:20. I wasn't super in the mood after just having driven 3 hours, but I wanted at least one shot to play in the tournament with Stoner and LJ.

First hand I get I raise KK and get 2 callers, cbet and get popped on an Axx flop and muck. Down to 9k from the 10k starting 2 minutes in. A few hands later some dude calls about a 17 bb shove from the big blind with 65s. He flops bottom pair, but gets counterfeited and loses to A9o.

Two hands later, same dude opens the button and I called with Qh7h in the bb.

Flop comes QJ3r and it goes check-check. Turn is the Jd which puts 2d's up there. I check and he bets and I call. I hate it a bit because a Jack is a big part of my check-behind range, but I'm pretty sure he's terrible, so I am not super worried.

River is the Td which is pretty gross. I check and he overships. I'm leaning towards calling because I'm pretty sure he's FOS. He says something like "Come on, double me up" and I go from about 60% chance of calling to 90%.

I call and he says "I have a boat."

I think "Fuck!" but don't do or say anything.

He shows 43o and says "Oh wait, just bottom pair." Pretty sure I was getting angled. I get up to 16k and really never looked back.

There was a 130 runners with 13 getting seats. I stole a lot and pretty much never got reraised. I reraised a few times and pretty much won every single one of them. I split two AK\JJ flips, the Jacks winning both times. I won big pots with JJ vs 99 and AA where a guy stuck in a ton of chips and folded on the flop. I pretty much sailed to the bubble. It might have been the easiest tournament I've played. I had a couple tough shove\fold spots, but none that were super questionable. I did get lucky when a guy made a smart fold. I shoved about 50k from the button with ATo and he folded and showed JJ and a 95k stack.

There were a bunch of shorties at the time and him calling would have put half his stack at risk when he had no need to. I make the same fold and was really glad he made it too. I could have bubbled if he called.

Some where around here Stoner and LJ showed up to rail the bubble. Neither one of them had a beer in their hand, strange. The bar in the tournament room had closed and there wasn't really a close bar near by, plus they were all about to close since it was super late (12:30).

Fucking 12:30. Bars closed at twelve fucking thirty! In a casino! At 12:30! WTF? Hate Connecticut!

Several people at the other table wanted to chop it, but the big stacks at my table were having none of it. I was in for a while, but after I picked up the blinds like 5-6 times and built up a 100k stack, I backed out as well. I busted the 15th guy when he shoved under 2bbs from the small blind and I called with with QTo, he had 8s7s. He turned a flush and I rivered a bigger one with my Qs. The bubble burst a few hands later on the other table when someone shoved some terrible hand with like 4bbs and got called by A7o. A shorty got in that had like a 1.5bb stack.

Afterwards, I go hit the mini bar to celebrate since it's the only place to get a drink. Then go to bed.


TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Welcome back to bloggerdom. I don't feel so lax in my posts after seeing when your last post occurred.

MackemPlus1 said...

It's just a cynical attempt to qualify for BBT5....