Monday, July 13, 2009

WSOP Main Event Day1

The Main Event just isn't as soft as it used to be. I am still pretty sure it is by far the softest $10,000 buy in tournament in the world tho. Getting a ridiculously soft table is just very unlikely anymore. I heard from so many people how hard there opening table was compared to previous years. The field just is just no where near as soft as it used to be. There are still definitely some fantastic donks in it and I will try to remember some of the great hands I saw.

That said, my opening table was far from tough. There were definitely several weak spots at it, which made me pretty happy. The very first hand a guy 3 barreled AQ unimproved for no apparent reason. Pretty sure he didn't have a read on the first hand of play. The first level went pretty shitty for me tho. I lost a few small pots and one big one. I flopped top pair and rivered two pair and paid off a set. My turn call was massively questionable and probably a mistake.

The second level started just as shitty and I was down to 17k (from the 30k starting stack) and not feeling very good at all. I chipped up a bit and then won my first big pot. I reraised an UTG raiser with Kings and got cold called from the small blind. I cbet a ten high flop and he checkraised me to 8k and I just shipped him. If it was AA, I was willing to go home. If he had called me with a pair less than Jacks and hit a set, I was willing to go home. I just figured Jacks and Queens made up a ton of his range. He thought for a bit and folded and I was back over the starting stack. I ended the second level at 36k.

The third level was pretty uneventful. I don’t think I played one big pot the entire level and ended at 33k.

I played one big pot on the fourth level. A very loose player opened utg+1 to 800 (150-300) and I called with AhTh, the button and both blinds called and we saw the flop 5 way. The flop came Kh Jh 6s and I flopped a gutshot royal draw. The blinds and original raiser checked and I bet 2600 into the 4000 chip pot. The small blind called and everyone else folded. The turn was a brick and the small blind led for 5500. I thought for a bit and had a hard time putting him on big hand and shoved for about 20,000 more. He thought for a bit and folded and I scooped up the pot. I ended the level at 45k feeling pretty good.

The first four levels I had played a very tight game, especially for me. The fifth level the antes kicked in and I opened up, a lot. I won a big pot early in the level on a weird hand. I think it was the only hand of my whole tournament where I hit something big. I called a raise with sixes and the button called behind. The flop came down Q52 rainbow and it checked around. The turn was the Qh which put a heart flush draw on the board. The original raiser bet and I called figuring my sixes were probably the best hand. The button called as well, which I pretty much hated. The river was a prefect 6h. The original raiser checked and it was on me. I thought this was kind of a tough spot actually. The button probably didn’t have a queen. I think his range was something like TT-77 and flushes. I really wasn’t sure what to bet and decided on half pot bet that I figured would be called a very high percentage. The button called and the raiser folded. I showed my boat and he showed KhJh for the rivered flush. I really felt like I lost value. I think I should have bet full pot. I don’t think the mid pairs were calling anyway, kind of annoying, but still a very nice pot.

I was up to over 60k with a really good table image and I started opening a bunch of pots. I four bet bluffed one hand and the guy snapped folded before I even had my chips in the middle or said an amount. I was chipping up and feeling great and then ~spewed off 18k on another bluff where I ran into a set. I am ok with my line on that hand though. I think I was just unlucky to run into a real hand there. I ended the day at 42k feeling pretty good overall about things.

I am going to do a couple more posts on my wsop. The next one will probably be the best, I will post some awesome hands I saw. Then my Day 2 recap, which will suck ass. Part of me wonders if this was my last Main Event. I doubt it, but it definitely feels like it could be. More to come….


Riggstad said...

No way it's your last one. Maybe for a while if circumstances interfere but there is no way it's your last.

You will win another qualifying event somewhere down the line. If that doesn't happen because you just don't feel like playing, I guarantee you retire fat and happy and when you find you need something to do, you'll end up in Vegas in late June/ early July.

There's just no way I see you not playing it again.

Looking forward to the next few posts.

Mike Maloney said...

good stuff sucko, keep it coming.

Brunella Tollmache said...

I had antes once... Unsharpened little SOBs