Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun WSOP Hands

Hand 1: Bunch of limpers and the button raises it up and gets two callers. Flop is KQ3 rainbow and it checks to the button who bets out and gets one caller (some Norwegian dude). The Turn is an Ace completing the rainbow and it goes check-check. River is a Ten and the board is KQ3AT. Any jack makes the mortal, unbeatable nuts. It’s a tournament. The pots aren’t raked. The Norwegian dude bets out, the button raises and the Norwegian dude tanks. After about 2 minutes he calls and flips over QJs for the nuts. That he called with. On the river. I think you can actually get a foul for doing that in a tournament. The button had KJ and they chopped it, but that’s not even the point.

After some chuckles at the table, Norwegian dude says "I figured he would only call me if he had a Jack anyway and what if I was reading the board wrong?" You got to love it. He buys into a $10,000 tournament but doesn't trust himself to read his hand and the board.

After the break one guy gave him a hard time about it being against the rules. One internet player at the table pretending to be supportive said something like "You had the right logic, it’s just the rules that are messed up."


Hand 2: I didn’t see most of this hand, but I saw enough to just love it. Walking down the aisle I hear “Two All ins Called at Table {whatever number I just walked past}”. So I stop and decide to see what’s going on. I see a poor guy with AJ flipped over looking miserable and two others (a man and a woman) standing up with their cards face down. There was no more action in the hand.

The woman says to the man “What do you got?”

The guy back “What do YOU got?”

Meanwhile the poor AJ guy still sitting there getting double slowrolled.

The woman again “What do you got?”

The guy finally flips over his AK. The woman fist pumps and still doesn’t flip them over. Another 15 to 20 seconds go by and she flips over two Aces (with the ace of spades).

Flop comes all low spades, turn is a brick. AJ and AK are drawing dead.

Woman: “HOLD, HOLD, HOLD!!!!”

Just so terrible.

Hand 3: I am not sure if this was posted anywhere, but its not one I saw but was told about. I definitely could be getting the details wrong, but its pretty funny.

UTG limps, Hero limps with 66, someone behind raises it and the limpers call and they see the flop 3 way. The flop comes A-6-3. Limpers check and the original raiser bets. UTG folds and the hero goes to call puts in an extra orange 5000 chip. The dealer says it’s a raise and while they are sorting it out the original raiser goes all in. The hero didn’t hear the all in and sits there for about 5 minutes waiting for the raiser to act.

The dealer finally tells him it’s on him and his opponent is all in. Hero “Oh man, I’m sorry. I call, I have a set, I didn’t mean to slowroll you.” Original raiser flips over Aces for top set and busts the hero who basically angleshot, slowrolled and busted all in the same hand. How many can say that?


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you mean he did not just make a mistake?

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Nice recap.

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Nice HH's

lj said...

i've heard each of these hands at least four times, and i still chuckled.

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Slowrolling is a crime in three states :-)

Have faith, you'll get there soon Kev!


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very nice